Walk-in Bathtubs

Walk-in Bathtubs in Port St. Lucie, Fl

If accessibility is necessary for your bathroom, converting your existing tub into a walk-in bathtub can give you and your loved ones a safer bathing experience.

Since it’s no secret that the presence of a tub in your bathroom can make a simple space feel more luxurious, upgrading to a walk-in bathtub will allow you to sneak in more safety and comfort features to accommodate your family members of all ages.

So if you’re still not convinced a walk-in bathtub is the best investment you can get for your bathroom, here are a few reasons that may appeal to you:

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Ensures safety

The presence of a side door eliminates the process of getting in and out of bathtubs thus lowering the risks of injury from slipping or falling.

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Improves accessibility

The addition of safety features like handrails and built-in seating will allow family members with limited mobility to feel more at ease in the tub.

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Accommodates hydrotherapy

A warm soak in the tub to alleviate arthritis, high blood pressure, or stress will be more accessible with a walk-in bathtub so your family members can have an alternative way to get relief from their symptoms.


Our durable walk-in bathtubs are designed with health and safety in mind. So if you’re interested in getting an installation in Port St. Lucie, book a consultation with our experts now.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-in Bathtubs

Are walk-in bathtubs worth it?

The price of a walk-in bathtub may seem intimidating at first glance, but its substantial benefits, such as safety and accessibility features can make it worthwhile.
Since a common hazard of getting in and out of a bathtub is slipping and falling, a leak-proof side door of a walk-in tub greatly reduces the possibility of accidents happening in your home.
The option of installing non-slip bathtub floors, handrails, handheld shower heads, whirlpool jets, or built-in seating will not only make your bath feel more luxurious but will also help your family members regain some independence during bathtime.

How much does a walk-in bathtub cost?

A walk-in bathtub installation in Florida can cost between $4,000-20,000. But the final price will also depend on the size, features, and materials needed to complete your project.
During your in-house consultation, our contractors will give you an estimate of how much your installation will cost. So if you want to stick to a particular budget, our contractors will give you the best recommendations and suggestions to keep the project at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.
Our competitive prices allow us to provide you with the best services and materials your money can buy so you can get the most stylish bathroom of your dreams.

How long does it take to install a walk-in tub?

Since our professionals are the best in their fields, a walk-in bathtub installation can only take as little as 1 day so you won’t have to worry about your bathroom remodeling project disrupting your daily routine.
But in cases where our experts find any plumbing issues like leaks, clogged drains, or faulty plumbing, they’ll need additional time to ensure your bathroom gets back into a functional state.