Full Bathroom Remodels

Full Bathroom Remodels in Port St. Lucie, Fl

Since everyone deserves to have a bathroom that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed, the right design and materials can turn a simple bathroom into a modern sanctuary.

So if you feel like a fresh coat of paint won’t save the current state your bathroom is in, this might be the perfect time to do a full bathroom makeover.

If you’re still hesitant about tearing down your old space, these reasons may convince you to finally take the first step to a better bathroom:

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Customizes amenities

Installing new fixtures and amenities that your old bathroom currently lacks can greatly improve the efficiency and comfort of your daily bathroom routine.

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Updated style

Updating your bathroom’s interior design can make you, your family and your guests feel more comfortable and at ease when fulfilling your bathroom needs.

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Increases home value

An updated bathroom with top-of-the-line amenities will capture the attention and make your home more appealing to the future homebuyers.


So if you’re interested in giving your bathroom a complete remodel, you’ll have the option to choose between our extensive colors, patterns, and designs to help make your bathroom ideas come to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Full Bathroom Remodels

How much does a bathroom remodel increase home value?

If you have plans on selling your home in the near future, giving your bathrooms a fresh new look with added functionality will make future Port St. Lucie home buyers interested in your house.
An updated bathroom with complete amenities can increase the value of your home by 20%. But the quality and design of your space will ultimately decide its overall worth, so you’ll have to make sure your bathroom is in top shape to get the most return on investment.
If you work with our team for remodeling your bathroom, our contractors will make sure you’ll get the best materials and fixtures that fit your style.

What is the average cost of a bathroom remodel in Florida?

The average cost for a full bathroom remodel in Florida is around $10,000, but the final price will also depend on the size and design of your bathroom.
Minor changes like updating a shower, bathtub or walk-in bathtub will be the most budget-friendly way to refresh your bathroom. But significant changes like shifting the floor plan will raise the price of your renovation as this will involve reinstalling the plumbing and electrical system.
But there’s no need to be alarmed about our competitive prices as this allows us to give you the best bathroom remodeling materials and services in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

How long should a full bathroom remodel take?

A full bathroom remodel can be a big project, so our contractors could take around 3-4 weeks to complete your bathroom.
We understand that this may seem longer than most of our services, but this gives our professionals enough time to make sure your bathroom gets to the best functional and stylish state.
Major overhauls that involve tearing down walls and moving plumbing systems will also extend the building schedule, but you can trust our experts to work efficiently to keep the timeline as minimal as possible.